From the Principal….

Your involvement in the educational process is so very important. The work you do with your student at home to support a consistent homework time, a healthy diet with appropriate rest and getting them out the door for on-time arrival is critical. Thank you for the daily efforts. A great education isn’t just about what happens in the walls of the school. I want to thank all the volunteers who have come in this year. If you have come in for an hour or dozens of hours, your presence here has meant very much to me. Please be thinking of this next year and consider an active role in volunteering at school. The possibilities are endless. I would hope you feel
comfortable asking if there is anything you could do. There is material preparation, chaperone help, partner reading and special events. Please know that the doors of your school are open to you. If it’s sitting next to your student at lunch, come on in. If it’s running out at the track for Run Club, join us. No matter what interests you, ask and let’s make or extend those connections. Again, thank you for being a partner in the work we do.

Your Principal,
Jim Bates

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