Student Spotlight – Brooke Solomon


Brooke Solomon is a delightful young lady. I am honored to be her teacher and continually amazed at her work ethic and integrity in and out of the classroom. She is diligent in her studies, always gives 100% to her assignments, and is a regular classroom helper for students who work at a slower pace. She listens attentively to all discussions and participates actively. Her grades are astounding, naturally, but her contributions to the classroom go far beyond academics. She is kind, thoughtful, and compassionate when working with her peers. She is a natural leader in and out of the classroom. Brooke is a joy to have in class! Her personality shines and she lights up the room when she enters. I have no doubt that Miss Brooke will be wildly successful in all of life’s endeavors! Mrs. Kudlac, Brooke’s teacher at Cecil Sly Elementary

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