Student Spotlight – Destiny


Among the many talented and hard working students at Pioneer High School, Destiny Miller stands out for her persistence, resilience, positive attitude, and artistic flair. Destiny started with us last year as a 9th grade student and returned for her sophomore year because, as she explained, “I like it here; it’s quieter and there aren’t as many people.” She is an excellent role model for the school’s expectations for its students. Destiny comes in early, works steadily throughout the day, and cares about the quality of her products. She loves to read and can usually be found with an open novel in her hands when not engaged with other coursework. Her artistic ability is also remarkable; some of her illustrated projects for English have demonstrated a level of refinement, maturity and subtlety well beyond her years. Destiny is courteous and pleasant to peers and adults alike, which is just one of the reasons she was selected to serve on the school’s student leadership team this year.

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