Cecil Sly students learn about daily life in the colonies

students teacher art creating paper likenessess of colonial persona

“A government of laws, and not of men.” John Adams is one of many important figures in history that the 5th graders at Cecil Sly Elementary are learning about in the storyline that will take them from colonial settlement in the New World to the Revolutionary War. The students will have the opportunity to learn about daily life in the colonies, education, and the formation of our government. Creating paper likenesses of their colonial persona, candle dipping, participating in Town Hall Meetings, and researching and reporting are some of the activities the kids are enjoying as they learn. As teachers we feel lucky to have the opportunity to teach our students in an exciting and interactive way. We truly appreciate our principal, Jim Bates, and his support of teaching with the Storyline method.

The 5th Grade Team at Sly,
Jody Fletcher
McKenzie Kudlac
Kortni Papineau
Joe Swinehart

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