Student Spotlight – Hailey Coffman

Hailey CoffmanHailey Coffman is an outstanding 4th grade student at Crooked River Elementary, who encompasses life’s most valued virtues. Hailey has a special charisma that makes people of all ages feel comfortable. When you are in her presence, you just find yourself being happy. Hailey approaches both the negative and positive things in life with a graceful manner. She is a problem solver who identifies a solution, rather than focusing on the problem. Hailey is a young lady who finds joy in serving others. She recognizes the needs of those around her and caters to their needs in a gentle manner.

Not only does she have a heart of gold, she has a mind of steel. Hailey recognizes the value of education; therefore, she shows daily dedication in all subject areas. She continually strives to better herself. Hailey participates in class, asks smart questions, turns in her assignments, and always goes above and beyond the standard that has been set.

Crooked River Elementary shines a little brighter because of Hailey Coffman!

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