Track is Finally Completed

After almost 3 months of work, the track project is now completed.  The project began right after graduation in early June and included digging out the old track, laying asphalt and several layers of track surface (black and then red) and painting of stripes.  The red color of the track was specifically chosen because it is reminiscent of the old cinder tracks and because a red track is generally better maintained since as the red surface wears down to the black layer it is more obvious when the track needs to be resurfaced.  A black track is still black when it wears down and therefore, tends not to be resurfaced when needed.

Please observe the following Track Rules:

  • No pets in Stadium
  • No wheels on Track
  • No cleats – use mats to cross Track
  • Run in Lanes 5 – 8 to even wear

Pictures of our new track:

IMG_1377 - Copy

IMG_1385 - Copy

IMG_1381 - Copy

IMG_1297 - Copy

IMG_1375 - Copy

IMG_1387 - Copy






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