New Opportunity for Students taking science classes at CCHS

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There is a great new opportunity for students taking science classes at Crook County High School (CCHS). Beginning this winter, if a student takes two semesters of Advanced Biology at CCHS, they can then apply to receive four credits of Biology 101 through the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) which  can then be transferred to any school, college or university.  Students who take two semesters of Anatomy at CCHS can apply to receive four credits for Biology 103 through OIT. With these new classes, CCHS now offers a total of 20 dual credit courses. By taking these classes at CCHS, students can save a great deal of both time and money in pursuing a college degree. Below are all the dual credit classes that we offer:

AP Lit & Composition – ENG 104/109/110
AP Language & Composition – WR 121
English 11 Honors – ENG 110
AP Calculus – MTH 251/252
AP Statistics – MTH 243
Into to Animal Science – ANS 121
Intro to Horticulture – HT 8.137
Adv. Horticulture – CS200
Intro to Agriculture 1&2 – CSS 205
Agribusiness Management – AG 111
Intro to Business – BA 101
Baking – BAK 110
Culinary 1 – CUL 110
Health Occupations – AH 100
Writing 121
Wild land Fire & Plants – FOR 110
Wilderness Management – FOR 195
Forest Management – FOR 111
Introduction to Aviation – AVIATION 101
Pre Calculus – MTH 111/112

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