Error in Crook County School District Graduation Rate

The Oregon Department of Education has recently released graduation rate data for all Oregon schools. This is important data for all our school personnel as it is a reflection of our goal to get all Crook County Students College or Career ready. Unfortunately, we made an error in submitting our district’s data to ODE. We have been working with representatives at ODE and have made the appropriate corrections; however, this is happening after the data had been released to various new outlets.

The overall graduation rate for our district is being reported as 30.51 percent. The graduation rate for Crook County High School is being reported as 48.44 percent. The graduation rate for Pioneer Alternative High School is being reported as 20.83 percent and the graduation rate for Insight School of Oregon is being reported as 16.18 percent.

If we had included those students that are participating in a 5th year program in which students that would have been eligible to graduate forego getting their diploma in order to attend Community College their first year for free, and included those students that had qualified to receive a modified diploma, Crook County High School’s graduation rate would have climbed to 79 percent, at least 7 percentage points above the state average. The graduation rate for Pioneer Alternative High School would also increase, to 29 percent. And even though the Insight School of Oregon graduation rate would not have changed, we would still anticipate an increase in the overall graduation rate for the entire district.

Corrected Graduation Percentages

corrected graduation rate chart

We regret that we didn’t take advantage of recent changes to the reporting that would allow us to take credit for those two groups of students that under ordinary circumstances, could have graduated. We are taking steps to align our reporting procedures so that they comply with state requirements, and more accurately reflect the hard work of our educators and our students. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact Stacy Smith, Crook County School District Curriculum Director, at 541-447-5664

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