Math Counts Team

Congratulations to the Math Counts team at Crook County Middle School on their 8th place finish at the state competition!

Casey, Hazel, Olivia, and Josie recently placed first as a team at the Central Oregon Regional Math Counts Competition. The competition involves three difficult rounds of tests. The first two rounds are individual while the final round is a team round. Competitors get points questions they get correct in the allotted time. The girls’ cumulative individual scores and team round score was the highest at the competition. On Saturday, March 7th they competed at Oregon State University against schools from all over the state. The questions and competition are even tougher at this level. They did extraordinarily well, placing 8th overall. It will be exciting to see what they accomplish in the future.

Pictured from left to right is Casey Tunison, Hazel Hoffman, Olivia Cooper and Josie Graydon



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