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Crooked River’s nomination for the Student Spotlight is somewhat unusual. We have chosen to nominate not one student, but an entire class. Mrs. Stringer’s 5th grade students are our choice because of the amazing care they take of two students. Both students have unique learning and social challenges that have, at times, kept them from participating in a regular classroom setting. However, under the care of their 5th grade peers, these two students have become an integral part of the classroom.
Mrs. Stringer’s students have taken these two kids “under their wing” in the classroom, as well as throughout the school. This fifth grade class has been taught to use visual aids that cue the two students to engage and focus. They are included in partner and group activities, kept on task, and shown daily by their peers that their input and opinions are valued.
Not only do these students participate in the general education classroom, but they also are able to attend daily specials, as well as lunch and recess activities. Throughout this time, Mrs. Stringer’s students have stepped up and made these two kids a part of their class time. This 5th grade class includes them in all PE activities. The whole class is always cheering, encouraging, and guiding, all the while knowing when not to push too hard. At recess, these two are included in the variety of games and activities that are being played. This class of students eats lunch as a group, always allowing each other to sit where they would like. No matter who is sitting where, everyone is included in the conversations taking place.
One of the students did not smile at the beginning of the year, nor did he engage in conversation on his own. He now smiles, raises his hand to answer questions, and volunteers. He even volunteered to participate in a skit! Both children have thrived in this classroom socially, as well as academically because of the loving, kind, positive, compassionate, and empathetic support they have received from every student in Mrs. Stringer’s class. Congratulations!

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