Meet Shari Burke, office manager at Ochoco Elementary

Shari BurkeI have been working for Crook County School District for the past 19 years. The duties of this job are very diverse from day to day.  Some of the duties include managing the yearly calendar, producing monthly newsletters, ordering supplies, arranging substitutes for staff, providing lots of customer service, answering phones, scheduling, and helping students and staff with whatever their needs of the day may be.

There are so many things about this job I really enjoy; the fast pace with so many activities going on such as giving ice packs and Band-Aids that can heal a broken heart as well as a bump or scratch, the little eyes that look over the counter and ask the cutest and funniest questions, the wonderful staff that care and give so much to teaching, and the kindest secretary, Kim, that I work side-by-side with to help keep Ochoco Elementary running smoothly.  I will miss everyone so much next year when we separate to different schools.

In my life outside of work, my husband, Hank, and I have been married for 43 fantastic years.  We have a terrific daughter and son, both of whom are married and have given us four beautiful granddaughters.  We enjoy spending time with our children and grandchildren on summer 4-wheeling trips, camping, school events, and trips to Alaska, where our son and family live.  I believe the more we give of our time and talent to others, the happier we will be. Love the Lord, family, country, and others and all will be well.

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