Barnes Butte Elementary officially opens with Ribbon Cutting ceremony

On Friday, August 21, 2015 the community of Crook County showed their support for the opening of Barnes Butte Elementary. The ceremony opened with the NJROTC group from Crook County High School in the presentation of the flag.


Barnes Butte Ribbon Cutting flag

IMG_3042 - Flags

IMG_3047 - Speaker Jim Bates

Jim Bates, Principal


Barnes Butte IMG_2784

Dr. Duane Yecha, Superintendent


IMG_3064 - Speaker Doug Smith

Doug Smith, School Board Chair


IMG_3068 - Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting by Jim Bates (Principal), Patti Norris (School Board Vice Chair) and Dr. Duane Yecha (Superintendent)


IMG_3027 - Crowd

Judge Mike McCabe (far left), Scott Cooper, Board Member (3rd from left), Walt Wagner, Board Member (4th from left), Doug Smith, Board Chair (5th from left), Dr. Duane Yecha, Superintendent (far right), Mike Gorman, BLRB Architects (standing, far left)


IMG_3046 - Crowd

Mayor Betty Roppe (far left), Judge Mike McCabe (1st row, 2nd from left), Patti Norris, Board Vice Chair (2nd row far left)


IMG_3051 - Crowd

IMG_3048 - Crowd

IMG_3050 - Crowd

IMG_3022 - Jerry, Cassie & Eric

Jerry Milstead, CCSD Project Manager, Cassie Milstead, Eric Meeuwsen, CS Construction (2nd row far right)


Barnes Butte IMG_2801

IMG_2742 Plaque


Healthy snacks provided by Dana Rudy, CCSD Nutrition Services Manager, and Kristi Hiaasen, OSU Extension – Supplemental Nutrition Education Program. Many of the vegetables were harvested from the Crook County Kids’ Club Garden.

veggies 2

Dana Rudy, Nutrition Services Manager


Barnes Butte IMG_2750

Kelli Rudy



Dylan Levi and Vivian Levi


IMG_3007 - Main Staircase

Grand Staircase


IMG_3008 - Entry to Cafeteria

Community Living Room Area and Entry to Cafeteria


IMG_3001 - Gym

Full Size Gym


IMG_2964 - Library



IMG_2969 - Computer Lab

Computer Lab


The design of the school includes seven pods, or community learning groups. The pods are arranged by grade level with each classroom in the pod facing a shared learning commons that facilitates individualized attention and enhances student-teacher relationships. The learning commons is very flexible and can be used in a variety of ways by the teachers. Each pod is identified by a unique name taken from geographical areas of Crook County and a color scheme which is anchored by a photo that depicts the name of each pod.

IMG_2988 - Classroom (2)

Typical Classroom


IMG_2978 - Learning Commons

Learning Commons


Entrances to Pods:

IMG_2922 - Crooked River

Crooked River – Kindergarten


IMG_2923 - Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek – DLC, Title, ELL, Resource


IMG_2925 - McKay Creek

McKay Creek – 1st Grade


IMG_2924 - Ochoco Creek

Ochoco Creek – 2nd Grade


IMG_2931 - Grizzly Mountain

Grizzly Mountain – 3rd Grade


IMG_2929 - Big Summit Prairie

Big Summit Prairie – 4th Grade


IMG_2930 - Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain – 5th Grade



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