Student Spotlight – Avery LeFever

Our Miss Avery LeFever was born with a spark in her heart. This spark for learning has developed into a warm and welcoming bonfire that she continually wants to feed. We know this girl will become a raging inferno of knowledge when she is grown, and we can’t wait to see all she will accomplish.

Avery is a student who puts her heart into everything she does at Crooked River Elementary from Cougar Club to writing assessments. Through her continuous curiosity, she proves to be a self advocate for her learning. She knows her purpose in coming  to school and positively leads others to better themselves as well. Everyday her dedication to learning is shown by her exemplary actions. She is compassionate, loving , kind, and willing to help anyone, not to mention, her humor is off the charts. Her brothers are always good material for a laugh.

When you are in the presence of Avery your whole mood is elevated due to her charm. She has that special, intangible “something” which simply makes you feel good. She is the kind of student who makes this job a complete and total joy. We delight in you, Avery, and it is our pleasure to shine the spotlight your direction, because you certainly brighten our day!


Valerie Nixon & Stacy Stringer
Crooked River Elementary



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