Cecil Sly Remodel Update – January 11, 2016

After much planning this remodeling project has finally begun. The changes will include a remodeled front entry with added security, three additional classrooms, heating system upgrades, new classroom cabinetry, new windows, new lockers, interior and exterior painting, data system upgrades, and an additional boys’ and girls’ restroom. Also, a new breezeway will be added between the Second/Third grade wing and the Fourth/Fifth grade wing for easier access between the classroom wings and to the new restroom.

The format of the school will be the same double-loaded corridor structure as it has been, which is different than the “pod” design at Barnes Butte Elementary. This remodel is expected to bring the Cecil Sly building up to the same visual and functional standards as Barnes Butte Elementary as possible while balancing the scope of the project with available budgetary resources.

Demolition work is well underway. Three additional classrooms will be added in the Kindergarten wing and one new classroom is being added in part of the old Administration area. The new restrooms will be added in what used to be Room 19.


DSC_0286 - Admin to New Classroom

New classroom being added in part of old Administrative area

DSC_0289 - New Restrooms Rm 19

New boys and girls restroom being constructed in old Room 19

DSC_0288 - Demo'd Classroom

Sample classroom with all classroom cabinetry and flooring removed. New classroom cabinetry, flooring, windows, heat ventilators and teaching walls will be installed in almost all the classrooms.

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