Student Spotlight – Logan Younce


Logan Younce, 8th grader from Crook County Middle School, has been selected to be our student in the spotlight.  A few teachers had some nice things to say about this young man.

“Logan is friendly, sincere, engaged and engaging.  He works as diligently as he can on the task at hand.  When asked to do something he does so with no complaint; he just follows through.  Logan has shown an interest in discovering his strong suits by exploring those interests and constructing or drawing what he has learned.  He is an all-around very nice person.”  Mr. Moroukian

“Logan is a student with many positive attributes. He is a great role model for his peers and places importance in others. An example of this, Logan will hold the door open for his fellow students while they enter the building for the day. His actions help with a smooth transition from the start of the school day for everyone. Logan is an asset to our educational community.” Ms. Worthington and Ms. Pfau

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