Cecil Sly Update – January 27, 2016

Cecil Sly Entry Design 4 16 2015 - Copy

Artist’s rendering of Cecil Sly front entrance

When Cecil Sly Elementary reopens for school year 2016-2017, the front entry will have been restructured to provide a more inviting entrance along with similar security measures that have been incorporated at Barnes Butte Elementary, the Middle School and High School. The exterior colors have not been finalized, so the colors shown on this drawing may change.

Other changes include the addition of 3 classrooms for a total of 25 classrooms, heating system upgrades, new classroom cabinetry, new windows, new lockers, interior and exterior paint, data system upgrades, an additional boys’ restroom, and an additional girls’ restroom.

To help ease traffic congestion at the intersection of Knowledge Street and Second Street a new bus loading zone will be constructed on Second Street next to the Middle School parking lot as well as a new bus turnout on the east side of Cecil Sly with two-way access to Combs Flat Road. This will allow buses to enter from Combs Flat and drop off or pick up students at either Cecil Sly or the Middle School without the need to enter from Knowledge Street. The road to Combs Flat Road will be widened to allow for two-way traffic for both buses and cars and will only be accessible during school hours. In addition, the parent drop off area in front of Cecil Sly will be reconfigured in anticipation of more traffic due to the increased number of students to be located at this school. Bids will be solicited in late February or early March for the traffic changes described above at Cecil Sly in addition to some alternate parking areas to the west and south of the school if the budget allows.

To make way for the new parent drop off to Cecil Sly, the IT building next to Head Start will need to be demolished. The IT staff will be moved temporarily to the Middle School during Spring Break and will eventually be located at the First Street Building at Crooked River sometime this summer or early Fall 2016.

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