Cecil Sly Update – March 9, 2016

New windows are being installed throughout the Cecil Sly Elementary school.

IMG_3482 - Install of Window

IMG_3484 - Old & New Window

Old window on left and new window on right. The new windows have double-paned insulated glass rather than the old single-pane glass, and the frames are vinyl rather than metal which will dramatically reduce heat loss. In addition, a slider window allows the window to be opened for fresh air.


IMG_3498 - Old Windows

Old windows on back wing of school


IMG_3496 - New Windows

New windows on back wing of school allowing much more light in the rooms just like the front classrooms. Blinds will be installed to allow teachers to control the amount of light coming into the classrooms.


IMG_3475 - Staff Mtg

IMG_3476 - Staff Mtg

Architect Tom Stark, of BLRB Architects, gave a presentation to the staff at Crooked River Elementary showing the details of the Cecil Sly Elementary remodel project.

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