Student Spotlight – Henry Garcia

Henry Garcia

Henry Fonseca Garcia, 11, is an outstanding 5th grader Badger at Barnes Butte Elementary.  Henry’s favorite subject at school is Science because there are many exciting science things to do and learn.  He loves learning so much, he has no least favorite subject.  If Henry has free time at home, he reads books.  His favorite genre to read is Mystery.  He likes to play soccer and volleyball.  His hobbies include collecting rocks and helping to care for his baby sister who is one.

Henry is super respectful to everyone.  His classmates comment on how he is always doing the right thing.  Henry is caring towards others.  At recess, you can find Henry playing with other Badgers in a kind way.  He includes everyone in a game, and encourages younger students to play.  In the classroom, Henry works hard.  He perseveres through challenging problems and strives to do the absolute best.  Henry is a student leader at Barnes Butte.

Henry has seven chickens at home as pets.  He thinks baby chicks are the cutest. Henry would like to be a veterinarian in the future.  He likes helping animals get better.  Henry is a super great kid and Barnes Butte is proud to nominate him for the Crook County School District Student Spotlight.

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