Cecil Sly Remodel Update – June 30, 2016

Cement has been poured for the new front entry and work has begun on the new enclosed breezeway that will connect the north and south wings.  Vinyl flooring has been installed in most of the classrooms as well as new cabinetry and sinks.  The Music Room will soon have new carpet on the risers and the offices and upstairs rooms will have new vinyl flooring as well.

IMG_3910 - Front Entry Cement

Cement poured for new front entry


IMG_3920 - Copy

Enclosed Breezeway work has begun – this will connect the north and south wings


IMG_3927 - Copy

New flooring will be installed in all classrooms.  Old cabinetry on left has been cleaned, sanded and finished.  The cabinetry on the right is new.  This will be the configuration in most rooms.


IMG_3914 - Music Rm Risers

The risers are ready for new carpet in the Music Room

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