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From all of us in Technology, welcome back!  We hope you had a fantastic Summer.  We just wanted to provide you with a quick document on logging onto your computers on your first day back.  Your username is either:

  • Your last name and first initial so for Joe Cool’s would be coolj or
  • Your first name, a period, and your last name, so Joe Cool’s would be joe.cool (this is not case sensitive)

We don’t know your password (nor do we want to) but if you don’t remember it, then it may help to know that your password is at least 8 characters and contains at least three the four following: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, or symbols.  If you have been checking your district email online this Summer, it is the same password as that.  If you can’t remember it don’t worry, we can reset it for you.

If you are on a laptop and are getting an error message that says “No logon servers found” then the computer isn’t connected to the wireless.  To connect it simply go to the bottom of the screen:

welcome back

On the right side of the screen select the CCSD network. It will think for a moment and then return you to the main screen where you can sign in and it should no longer give you that error.

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