Good News On Lead Water Testing Results

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Crook County School District Releases Good News on Lead Water Testing Results – 9-22-2016

Crook County Patrons and Parents,

Crook County School District is pleased to announce that the water supply in our school facilities is safe for our students, staff and community members. Recent testing showed that water from 130 of the 131 drinking fountains and food service faucets falls within state guidelines for lead according to The Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority. Water is considered safe if lead levels are less than 20 parts per billion. The one fixture that did not pass the test is new, was in a school that was closed last year, and was taken out of service immediately until the situation can be remedied.

You may be aware that some school districts in Oregon are finding heightened levels of lead in their drinking water.  At Crook County School District, we have responded to this recent concern and continue to follow the guidance provided by the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority on this matter. We have also established a regular testing schedule to ensure that we continue to provide a safe environment for our students and staff.

Barnes Butte Elementary                 -All fixtures safe

Crook County High School              -All fixtures safe

Crook County Middle School          -All fixtures safe

Crooked River Elementary              -One new fixture has been taken out of service because it was above   the limit. All other fixtures safe.

Paulina School                                   -All fixtures safe

Pioneer Complex                               -All fixtures safe

Powell Butte Charter School           -All fixtures safe

Ward Rhoden Stadium                     -All fixtures safe

Schools at Brothers, Paulina and Powell Butte are tested quarterly because their water supply is from wells. All wells continue to test negative for coliform bacteria.  Brothers has not been tested for lead to date but will be in the near future.

For additional information, please contact Maintenance Director Leland Bliss at 541-447-4419


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