Student Spotlight – May Zhu

Student with teacher in front of lockers

Photo: Ms. Bryant and May Zhu

“Last year, May was in my second grade class. She had perfect attendance and brought a smile everyday to all of us. She was an exceptional student who worked hard, did not give up and was willing to make mistakes so she could learn more. She expressed her compassion for her peers and the world through her writing. In her writing she wrote about how kindness and respect matter to everyone and everything. She stated that you can solve problems if you talk nicely to each other and accept that sometimes you might not agree on things.  I look forward to seeing what she does in her academic career and life.” — Ms. Bryant (2nd Grade)
“May Zhu came to first grade with very limited English. She worked hard to learn the language and became one of the best writers in my class that year! It has been so much fun to watch her social and academic growth over the years.” — Mrs. Bates (1st Grade)

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