SMART’s proven model engages community volunteers across Oregon

SMART has been a part of the fabric of Crooked River Elementary since 1996. The program started with 60 students and 60 volunteers. Over the years, the number of students and volunteers has varied but there are always adults and kids who engage together and bond over a good story. Generally, each student reads for a half hour twice a week from October through mid-May. The book giveaway days are always a highlight of the month. This year we have 68 students and 42 adults sharing in this reading time each week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Founded in 1992, SMART’s proven model engages community volunteers across Oregon to read one-on-one with PreK through third-grade children for one hour per week during the school year. SMART volunteers model reading aloud and ignite a love of reading in children, helping build reading skills, motivation and self-confidence. SMART students also receive up to 14 new books to take home and keep each year. For more information on SMART, visit

Perhaps the sweetest words heard this year came this last Thursday from a kindergarten student who said, as they were sharing the book, “I can read!” And sure enough, she can.

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