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7th-Grade Science Teacher Mr. Poynor and OSU-Cascades are bringing STEM Camp back to Crook County Middle School!

Because of the restrictions in place due to COVID-19 an on-location camp is not possible. BUT, that won’t stop them from delivering a high-quality STEM experience as they’ve simply decided to bring the camp to you!

They’ll be collaborating with citizen science projects run by Oregon’s premier scientific research university – Oregon State University! For example, Mr. Poynor will be facilitating a bat project that will include recording bat observation data from your backyard, the park, while camping, or wherever you are at twilight, sharing your data and observations with students across Central Oregon, and building your own bat roost house. He’ll also provide an optional opportunity to become an Official Spotted Bat Project Volunteer!

As an official volunteer you’ll sign up to visit survey locations across Central Oregon at twilight and submit your observations to the research team at OSU-Cascades in Bend. Your observations will help develop baseline population data for the previously undocumented Spotted Bat. That’s just one example of the citizen science projects you’ll have access to if you join us for STEM CAMP 2020.

The best part is that this camp will be completely FREE and you’ll receive a sweet T-shirt and sticker with the camp logo upon completion. Please contact Mr. Poynor via email to sign up:



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