Student Spotlight – Kaleb Davis

Student Spotlight

One word in particular aptly describes the efforts of this senior at Pioneer High School: Perseverance. Kaleb Davis first enrolled at Pioneer as a freshman in the late spring of 2016. Like many Pioneer students, Kaleb was behind in credits and struggling to find a clear way ahead. It was obvious that he had solid skills and real potential, but he frequently got in his own way, with impulsive choices and inconsistent attendance slowing his progress. After some honest self-assessment, Kaleb decided to transfer to COIC in Prineville as a junior in order to earn his G.E.D., knowing that doing so would also enable him to pick up additional credits that could count towards his high school diploma. He successfully completed the G.E.D. testing in June of 2018. Kaleb reenrolled at Pioneer this fall to finish his diploma coursework and now expects to graduate before the end of the first semester in January 2019. Kaleb is interested in a career in the skilled trades, perhaps as an electrician, and plans to pursue further education and training towards that end.


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