Student Spotlight – Sophie

student spotlight


“Sophie brings a breath of fresh air to Crooked River Elementary. Every day, this exceptional fifth-grade student shines her caring disposition in all directions. Sophie is not your average student; she is wise beyond her years when it comes to treating people with kindness. She has such a pleasant disposition no matter who she is around. She accepts every individual for who they are and is willing to work with them and welcome them any time with her kind, sweet smile. I look at Sophie on a daily basis and watch this young lady choose to work hard. She chooses to go the extra mile to get help if something is hard, and she chooses to be happy and find true enjoyment with all aspects of her life. This, to me, is such a rarity in humankind, young or old. I admire Sophie, and her unique as well as genuine ability to be the extraordinary human being she is. Crook County School District has a true treasure in this young lady. As she moves on the middle school next year, and then to the high school, I am confident that she will continue to honor her values. Her bright light will be shared, and we will all become better people because we have had the opportunity for Sophie to show us what living life with true and genuine kindness and compassion for all looks like. I truly admire who you are miss Sophie!” — Stacy Stringer, 5th grade teacher.

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