Abby – 4th Grader at Barnes Butte Elementary

4th grader at Barnes Butte Elementary

Abigail “Abby” is a dedicated fourth grader at Barnes Butte Elementary. It’s a pleasure to highlight Abby because she represents what we hope to accomplish for all our students. Abby is thoughtful, hardworking, compassionate towards others and an inspiration to the students and staff. Most recently, Abby delivered an inspirational speech to the entire student body and all the teachers at morning assembly. She had listened to a very famous speech about the simple act of “making your bed in the morning” as a way to start your day with an accomplishment. Abby encouraged all students to consider doing the same but extended that message to include thinking positively about yourself. Abby is a remarkable student and we are glad to have her positive influence at Barnes Butte Elementary. She will no doubt continue to contribute to the world around her making it a better place.


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