Healthy School, Healthy Communities – Survey & Parent Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians of Crook County School District Students,

Crook County School district is continuing our work through the prestigious “Every School Healthy” initiative of the America’s Promise Alliance.  Through this grant, CCSD is receiving a total of $300,000 during 2 years. Our district is among a select few nationwide, focusing to create cultures of care in schools. These funds have allowed us to expand counseling staff at both Crooked River Elementary and Pioneer High School. We’ve also partnered with TRACEs Central Oregon and Trauma Informed Oregon to provide professional learning in trauma-informed knowledge and practices for approximately 360 district staff to better support positive mental health in students, especially those that have experienced adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs.  Our initial evaluations have demonstrated that staff are already more aware of how adversity shows up in classrooms, and are gaining strategies to help students cope and be successful. It’s too early yet to be conclusive, but we’re seeing positive changes in important indicators like student attendance, grades, discipline trends.

We continue to partner with Better Together ( and OSU-Cascades ( to learn how the additional counseling support and staff training actually provide a better quality of life, mental health, and school outcomes for our students. We will again administer a survey to all CCSD students before the end of this school year.  The survey is called the Child and Youth Resilience Measure (CYRM). It is a research validated survey that assesses the resilience promoting factors present among our school communities, as belief in one’s self, positive relationships, and a sense belonging in one’s community. The survey is also developmentally appropriate depending on student’s age, and so you will note there are multiple versions linked below. Based on last year’s administration,  it will take most students 15-30 minutes to complete.

In keeping with CCSD policy, we are giving families options regarding the resilience survey.

Students may skip any question which they prefer not to answer or if are unsure about how to respond.  In addition, families have the option to opt-out their students from participation in the survey. If you wish that your student not participate in the resilience survey, simply contact your school administrator and let them know.

This survey will help us determine how these additional counseling supports and staff trainings are helping create healthier schools for our students and families.  Survey responses will be kept confidential, and the information obtained through these surveys will be analyzed and reported in the aggregate with regard to our “Every School Healthy” initiative.  If you have any question about the survey or the implementation of the survey, contact your school administrator, or call the Director of Curriculum and Special Programs, Stacy Smith, at 541-447-5664.

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