CRE Fifth Graders get Swag from Colleges

CRE fifth graders get swag from colleges

Crooked River Elementary fifth graders have reached out to colleges, trade schools and military branches as a way to explore their educational career paths. Some students have been happily surprised with the responses they have gotten in the mail.

Chase wrote to multiple colleges but was most excited when he received a reply from Penn State University – his favorite college because he says they have the best wrestling team, and he wants to be a wrestling coach. He’s also considering a career in predator control or as a chiropractor. Several universities sent him swag – like pennants, pens, brochures and a poster.

Abbie wrote to several culinary schools and received six pennants as well as brochures and stickers. Through this assignment, she learned the difference between a university and a trade school and says she would rather go to a trade school than a university.

Wyatt wrote to the University of Chicago Press, thinking it was their media outlet. A lady explained that it was the university’s book press and sent him some books on how to write his admissions essay and how to get into college. He emailed her back, and she has been his “pen pal,” sharing ways to help him succeed. Wyatt also wrote to Harvard because they have a pretty good baseball team, and he wants to be a professional baseball player – or he might go into marine biology.

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