CCSD Analyzes Enrollment Data

CCSD analyzes enrollment data

Nearly half of all newly enrolled CCSD students came from the Central Oregon region

Approximately 175 new students have enrolled in the Crook County School District this school year, leaving many curious about where the new students are coming from.

CCSD Director of School Improvement Joel Hoff reports that nearly half of the new students come from other Central Oregon regional school districts, with most coming from Redmond.

Many students have also moved in from the Willamette Valley, and several have come from nearby states. A handful of new students transferred from other states across the country and from as far as the East Coast.

A small percentage of the newly enrolled students came from private, online and charter schools.

“As we see more and more students enroll in our schools, we are continuously refining our systems to ensure every family receives an exemplary educational experience,” Hoff said. “Furthermore, we have hired additional staff and will continue to hire new staff in order to maintain our high-quality service model.”

Based on the Oregon Department of Education’s Fall Membership Validation, which is a validated measure from Oct. 1, 2018, to Oct. 1, 2019, the Crook County School District had a total net gain of 141 students, Hoff said. The largest increases were at Crooked River Elementary and Crook County Middle School.

Over the past year, the district has gathered CCSD staff and community input to help plan for the estimated $2.4 million the Student Success Act will bring to the district next school year. One of the top recommendations was to hire more teachers to reduce elementary class sizes. The district plans to hire more teachers for the 2020-2021 school year.

Enrollment at the two elementary schools in Prineville and Crook County Middle School have surged this school year, prompting the school board to form a Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee.

The committee ultimately decided to open a theme school at the Pioneer Complex site to help reduce class sizes at the elementary schools. The art, technology and adventure school opens in September with 10 classrooms of kindergarten through fourth-grade students.

The Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee is also exploring options for the middle school to ensure space for increased enrollment.


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