New Theme School Named Steins Pillar Elementary

New theme school named Steins Pillar Elementary

The board considered input from the community when selecting the name, mascot and school colors for the new elementary school in Crook County

Crook County School District Board members selected the name Steins Pillar Elementary for the new elementary adventure theme school that will open in September.

The school mascot will be the Eagles, and blue and green will be the school colors.

Board members selected the name during the Monday, March 9 school board meeting.

CCSD board member Doug Smith said the name Steins Pillar fits the theme of what the district has used to name other schools.

“I’ve thought about Steins Pillar ‘Soaring to New Heights,’” Smith said, referring to the Steins Pillar Eagles. “It’s an uplifting type of name and something that fits the adventure theme very, very well.”

Several community members had recommended Steins Pillar in honor of the 350-foot-tall stone pillar that is a remnant of an ancient volcano. Steins Pillar is located in the Mill Creek Wilderness to the east of Prineville in the Ochoco National Forest.

According to local historians, it is named after Major Enoch Steen, who explored the area in the 1860s. His name was misspelled so frequently that the misspelling stuck, which is why it is called Steins Pillar instead of Steens Pillar.

Other top choices name choices included Grizzly, Caldera, Ochoco and Frontier for the elementary school that will open in September in the Pioneer South building on First Street in Prineville.

The application period is open through March 29 for families to apply for their students to attend the school, which will serve up to 250 kindergarten through fourth-grade students. The school curriculum will teach students using art, technology and adventure learning themes.

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