4th Grade Students and Families


For elementary students, our Math, English, Social, Studies, and Science programs are all web based and designed to be
self-paced and support students’ individual learning. The programs can be accessed through any computer or tablet with internet connection.


Teachers Schedule


Teachers will be working remotely from 8:00 – 3:00 on school dates and are able to answer any questions through email/phone during those hours. Individual classroom teachers may also provide additional links and coursework for their specific class.


Daily Learning


Math: Imagine Math & Imagine Math Facts Click here  (Teacher will recommend daily usage time)

English/Language Arts: Imagine Language and Literacy Click here  (Teacher will recommend daily usage time)

Social Studies/Science: Scholastic Learning Click here  (Teacher will recommend daily usage time)

Physical Activities:  PE w/ Joe. Daily 30 Minute PE Video Lesson Click here (30 Minutes + per day)

Art Projects & Ideas: Art Hub for Kids Click here

Music Projects & Idea: Make Instruments @ Home Click here

CRE Music Web-page: Click here

BBE Music Web-page: Click here

BBE PE Web-page: Click here

Virtual Field Trips: Daily Virtual Field Trips Click here

Students’ Imagine Learning/Clever login information will be emailed to parents by 3/31.

Chrome book login instructions: Click here

How to login into Clever from any device: Click here

If your student needs a username or password for your Imagine Math or Imagine English account, please call our technology helpline at 541.447.5666


Resources for Students and Families


Feel free to spend additional time exploring the links below that have been recommended by CCSD Elementary Teachers.

  • Additional Math Resources & Supports: 

         Khan Academy: Click here

         Zearn: Click here         

  • Additional English Language Arts Resources & Supports:

         Audible: Click here

         Storyline Online: Click here      

         Lexia Reading: Click here  (Please check with your teacher if Lexia is right for you)

         Lexia Directions: Click here  

         ¡Bienvenido a Lexia!: Click here  

         ConnectED CRE: Click here 

         ConnectED BBE: Click here

  • Additional Science/Social Studies Resources & Supports:

         National Geographic For Kids: Click here

         History for Kids:  Click here

  • Additional PE Resources & Supports:

         Go Noodle: Click here

         Open Physical Education Network : Click here

         Fitness Challenge: Click here

         Desafío de acondicionamiento físico: Click here

  • Additional Music Resources & Supports:

         The Learning Station: Click here

         Bill Nye Science Lesson on Sound: Click here

  • Additional Art Resources & Supports:

         Art @ Home: Click here



Detailed View of Standards Connected to Imagine Learning



If you need a technology device, please contact your student’s school. Click here to learn more about our technology device distribution plan.

For those families without internet access, paper packets can be made available upon request. Please call your student’s school for weekly paper packets.

Additionally, Wifi hotspots will be made available in designated locations and times throughout Crook County.
Visit Click here to learn more about our Wifi hotspot program.

For all other support needs (i.e. food service, technology support, translation, counseling, etc.), please contact the main CCSD Helpline at 541.447.5664