Capital Projects

BBE Wide Shot

In 2013 voters of Crook County approved a $33.5 million school bond measure to build a new elementary school and to refurbish other existing buildings. Since then, land was purchased in the IronHorse development and Barnes Butte Elementary was completed in August 2015. In addition, many projects have been completed at the High School, Middle School, the Stadium, and Paulina Elementary. Work is currently in process at Cecil Sly Elementary and work is planned for the summer of 2016 at the Middle School, Powell Butte Charter, Cecil Sly Elementary and the First Street Building of Crooked River.

2013 Bond Expenditures


Progress on Current Projects

Pioneer South Open house – April 10, 2017 

Pioneer South / First Street Remodel


Other Projects

Current Project out for Bid:

None at this time


Completed Projects

Barnes Butte Elementary (New Construction):

Time Lapse Camera

New School Updates

Tours of Schools In Other Districts


Remodeling Projects:

Cecil Sly Elementary – Renamed Crooked River Elementary

High School

Middle School

Paulina Elementary

Powell Butte