Our Mission

:: Our Vision ::
Crook County School District is an organization with integrity, a model for educational success, and a recognized leader for excellence in helping students dream, learn and succeed.
:: Our Mission ::

The Board, administration, staff, students, parents, and the community work together to ensure high academic achievement, personal growth and exemplary citizenship for all students by establishing a learning system based on performance excellence, continuous improvement, and safe and effective operations.

:: Our Values ::
  • We believe that honest and open communication is the foundation for our professional relationships. We respect, support, and value each member of our school family.
  • We believe that Crook County School District must provide a quality education at the earliest grade level as well as an exemplary education at all levels.
  • We believe in high academic standards where students are supported and engaged in both traditional and non-traditional environments.
  • We believe that co-curricular opportunities support academic achievement, exemplary citizenship, and physical and mental well-being of all students.
  • We believe it is the shared responsibility of the entire community to educate, support, and nurture every child for the accomplishment of his goals.
  • We believe in diversity and ensuring equal treatment and access to resources for all that are connected with the educational community. The district works to build a sustainable relationship with its diverse membership.
:: Our Goals ::
  • All students will read at or above their grade level based on state standards.
  • All students will meet or exceed grade level math proficiencies based on state standards.
  • All students will meet or exceed grade level in writing proficiencies based on state standards.
  • All students will graduate from high school, college or career ready.
  • All students will have access to college options, and well rounded curriculum that includes science, social science, second language, arts, music, professional, technical, and physical education.
  • All students will be taught in learning environments that are safe, drug-free and conducive to learning.
  • All district operations will be conducted in an efficient, effective, accountable and transparent manner with an expectation of continuous improvement. The District will operate in a fiscally sound and prudent manner to preserve its financial and physical integrity for the long term.
:: Our Guiding Philosophy ::

Continuous improvement.