Cecil Sly Remodel

Cecil Sly Remodel Update – April 25, 2016

Electricians, plumbers and sheetrockers have been hard at work at Cecil Sly.  In addition, new windows are being cut in the cafeteria, painters are preparing the exterior for a fresh coat of paint and mechanical contractors are putting in new duct work in parts of the building. New windows are in process of being installed […]

Install of Window at Cecil Sly

Cecil Sly Update – March 9, 2016

New windows are being installed throughout the Cecil Sly Elementary school. Old window on left and new window on right. The new windows have double-paned insulated glass rather than the old single-pane glass, and the frames are vinyl rather than metal which will dramatically reduce heat loss. In addition, a slider window allows the window […]

Reception Area Demo at Cecil Sly

Cecil Sly Update – February 3, 2016

Reception area readied for reconfiguration   Lockers are in process of being removed. These will be replaced with new lockers that are more appropriately sized for elementary students.   Trench dug in library to provide most direct route for underground connections to allow for new restrooms.

Cecil Sly Entry Design

Cecil Sly Update – January 27, 2016

Artist’s rendering of Cecil Sly front entrance When Cecil Sly Elementary reopens for school year 2016-2017, the front entry will have been restructured to provide a more inviting entrance along with similar security measures that have been incorporated at Barnes Butte Elementary, the Middle School and High School. The exterior colors have not been finalized, […]

Admin to New Classroom at Cecil Sly

Cecil Sly Remodel Update – January 11, 2016

After much planning this remodeling project has finally begun. The changes will include a remodeled front entry with added security, three additional classrooms, heating system upgrades, new classroom cabinetry, new windows, new lockers, interior and exterior painting, data system upgrades, and an additional boys’ and girls’ restroom. Also, a new breezeway will be added between […]

Cecil Sly Remodeling Contractor Selected

Keeton King Contracting, based in Sisters, Oregon was selected as the CM/GC (Construction Manager/General Contractor) for this remodeling project on February 4, 2015.  A design concept is being developed with Keeton King, BLRB Architects, staff at Cecil Sly and the project management team.  A public meeting will be scheduled soon to go over the design […]

Cecil Sly Update – 1/30/15

Cecil Sly Elementary will be closed for renovation during the school year 2015-2016. We are in the process of selecting a CM/GC (Construction Manager/General Contractor) for this remodeling project and expect to award a contract by early February, 2015. We will then work with the contractor, architect, staff at Cecil Sly, and the project management […]

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