Head start

Crooked River Elementary (formerly Cecil Sly Elementary) – November 30, 2016

The new sidewalk from Second Street to the Stadium has been completed as well as the new breezeway that connects the two classroom wings.  Plans are being finalized to install irrigation and landscaping to the front of the school as well as some additional fencing and automatic gates. New sidewalk from Second Street to the […]

Crooked River Front Entry

It’s official; Crooked River Elementary sign completes the new front entry

Before remodel After remodel

Front Entry Crooked River Elementary

Crooked River Elementary Update (formerly Cecil Sly) – September, 2016

New front entry Front entry Administration area New student desks and chairs throughout the school Music Room – all new flooring, paint and chairs Cafeteria – new windows and flooring Computer Room – all new desks and chairs Library dedicated to Cecil Sly

New Crooked River

Crooked River Elementary Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of the new Crooked River Elementary was well attended on Thursday, August 18th.  Formerly known as Cecil Sly Elementary, the newly remodeled school has a brand new front entry that is much more inviting and has all the same security features that have been added to the other schools in town.  Although […]

Grand Opening Crooked River Brochure

You Are Invited to Grand Opening

Cecil Sly Traffic Project

Cecil Sly Traffic Project Update – July 27, 2016

The road to Combs Flat is being widened and prepared for paving.  This will allow for two-way traffic for buses and cars to and from Combs Flat Road.  The new roadway to the parking area and the bus turnout are also being readied for paving which is beginning August 1st. Road to  Combs Flat   […]

Cecil Sly Remodel

Cecil Sly Remodel Update – July 27, 2016

The new front entry is starting to take shape, new vinyl flooring has been installed in the cafeteria, and new carpet has been installed in the music room.  Our maintenance crew has been busy polishing classroom floors in preparation for delivery of new student desks and chairs.  It is hoped that the packed boxes and […]

Cecil Sly Remodel

Cecil Sly Remodel Update – June 30, 2016

Cement has been poured for the new front entry and work has begun on the new enclosed breezeway that will connect the north and south wings.  Vinyl flooring has been installed in most of the classrooms as well as new cabinetry and sinks.  The Music Room will soon have new carpet on the risers and […]

Cecil Sly Traffic Project

Cecil Sly Traffic Project Update – June 20, 2016

The IT building has been demolished to make room for the new parking and traffic pattern at Cecil Sly.  In addition, the asphalt of the old parking lot is being pulled up. June 15 – IT Building Before demolition   June 16 – Demo begins   June 16   June 17   June 20   […]

Cecil Sly Remodel

Cecil Sly Remodel Update – May 12, 2016

The front entry awning has been completely removed, interior and exterior painting continues, the brick has been cleaned and sealed, the reception area is being framed, and new heat ventilators are on-site and soon to be installed. Front entry awning completely removed.  Construction of new entry will begin soon. Framing of reception area is progressing.