CCHS Course Content

Teacher Course
Abrams, Richard Spanish 1 AP Spanish 4
Barney, Heidi ELD
Beekman, Allen Physical Science A Phys. Science B Biology A Biology B
Chaney, Ken Concert Band  Rock to Rap Music in Films
Churchill-Dicks, Jim English 12A English 9A Honors Writer’s Workshop AP Language & Composition
Churchill-Dicks, Jim English 9B Honors English 12B
Cochran, Ryan Sports Medicine  Health 1  Health Occ A  Weight Lifting
First Responder
Crofcheck, Dan Personal Finance  PE 2  Weight Lifting
Crofcheck, Kim Spanish-Native Speaker(lev.1) Spanish-Native Speaker (lev.2) Spanish 2 Spanish Pre- AP
Crofcheck, Kim Spanish 3  Spanish 4
Daniels, Rich English 10A  English 10A Honors English 10B English 10B Honors
Daniels, Rich College Literature B English 12A English 12B
Duke, Amy English 9A  English 10A  English 11A  English 9B
Duke, Amy English 10B English 11B
Duncan, Vicki Careers Leadership Career Exploration Health 1
Duncan, Vicki Senior Health
Grace Kristen Algebra 1  Math Workshop
Groves, Amanda Geometry   AP Stats 
Hagensee, Macy Foods 1 Culinary Arts 1 Baking
Hagensee, Macy Foods 2 Culinary Arts 2
Hall, Billy Technical Design 2 Mfg & Engineer Tech Design 1
Hodges, Steve Intro Business Small Business Business Concept Econ Marketing & Advertising
Hodges, Steve Personal Finance
Hoffman, Anita Drama Improv Adv Drama Drama Careers
Hoffman, Anita Stagecraft  Costume Design
Honl, Rosie Coed Volleyball Weights/Aerobic  PE 2 Personal Fitness
Huffman, Jake Weight Lifting  Algebra Support Adaptive PE
Insight Insight or Health
Jackson, Donny Audio/Visual NJROTC Drill Naval Science 1A
Johnson, Dave Reading Workshop English Skills 1A
Johnson, Karen Work Crew
Kasberger, Christine Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Financial Algebra Geometry
Kramer, Rick Forest Management Wildland Fire & Plants (I) Wildland Fire & Plants (II) Wilderness Management
Lowenbach, Carrie Government US History A US History B
Lowenbach, Jeff Physics Biology A Chemistry
Mascall, Dave Geometry Pre-Cal Math 111  Math 112
McBride, Kim Ess. Life Skills /Trans. Skills Ess. Careers  Ess. Math Skills
McFarland, Patrick World Cultures 1 Government  World Cultures 2 Law & Criminal Justice
McNary, Dan Intro. AG Pre. Vet Practice Welding Fabrication Intro Animal Science
McNary, Dan Agribusiness Management Agricultural Power Intro. to Horticulture Landscape Design
Moorman, Hannah Chorale Beginning Guitar
Mulholland, Joanne Geometry Academic Academy
Oelkers, Jonathan Anatomy/Phys Advanced Biology A Biology A
Picard, Rebekah English 9 A English 10A  English 9B  English 10B
Polen, Scott Physical Science A Physical Science B Global Science
Raasch, Aaron US History A AP US History A World Cultures
Robison, Russ Steps 2 College Naval Science 2-3-4  Aviation & Aerospace
Swinehart, Julie English 11A English 11A Honors Yearbook
Tuter, Lori English Literature English 9A  English 9B
Wiles, Heather World Cultures AP Human Geography US History A  US History B
Wiles, Heather World Cultures II

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