CCHS Course Content

Teacher Course
Abrams, Richard Spanish 1 AP Spanish 4 College prep
Barrett, Troy FUEL ED
Chaney, Ken Concert Band Music in Films
Churchill-Dicks, Jim English 12A AP Language & Composition
Churchill-Dicks, Jim English 12B Writer’s Workshop
Cochran, Ryan Sports Medicine Health 1 Health Occupation Weight Lifting First Res-ponder
Crofcheck, Dan PE 2 Weight Lifting Personal Fitness/PE 1
Crofcheck, Kim Spanish-Native Speaker(lev.1)

Spanish Native Speaker(lev.2)

Spanish 1


Duke, Amy English 10A/10B Yearbook English 10A/10B Honors


Duncan, Vicki Careers Senior Health Freshman Health
Natalie Eberhard World Cultures I Law and Criminal Justice
Grace, Kristen Pre-Algebra Algebra 1 Math Workshop
Groves, Amanda Geometry  Calculus

AP Cálculos AB

Financial Algebra
Hagensee, Macy Foods 1 Culinary Arts 1 Baking
Hagensee, Macy Foods 2 Culinary Arts 2
Hall, Billy Technical Design 1


Mfg & Engineer Tech 1A

Mfg & Engineer Tech 2A
Intro. to Computer Technology Intro. to Mfg. & Engineer Tech  B

Intro. to Mfg. & Engineer Tech 2B

Hodges, Steve Intro Business Small Business Operations  Business Concept Econ Marketing & Advertising
Hodges, Steve Personal Finance Economics and Investments
Hoffman, Anita Drama Improv Adv Drama Drama Careers
Hoffman, Anita Stagecraft Costume Design
Honl, Rosie Coed Volleyball Weights/Aerobic Personal Fitness
Huffman, Jake Learning Essentials Weight Training Math 180 Unified Sports
Jackson, Donny Audio/Visual NJROTC


Johnson, Dave Reading Workshop English Skills 1A Learning Essentials  Case Management
Johnson, Karen Work Crew
Johnson, Kelli English 11A English 9A Honors  Leadership
Kasberger, Christine Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus
Keown, Lisa Forest Management A Wilderness Management Intro Nat Resource
Kurtz, Chelsea English 9A  English 11A
Lowenbach, Carrie AVID AP Government A

A.P. Gobierno y Póliza de los Estados Unidos (año completo)

Lowenbach, Jeff AP Physics I Chemistry A&B
Marshall, Kelli SLC Learning Essentials Math Fundamentals Math 180
McBride, Kim Ess.  Work Study Skills Careers


Ess. Math Skills Essential Occupations
McNary, Dan Intro. Agriculture  I Pre-Veterinary Practices Welding Fabrication Intro to Animal Science Addendum

Work Experience

McNary, Dan SAE Work Experience
Moorman, Hannah Chorale
Mumm, Jason Physics Conceptual Science
Mumm, Jesicca Biology A Physical Science A Biology B
Oelkers, Jonathan Anatomy/Phys Advanced Biology  Biology
Picard, Rebekah Creative Writing English 10A

English 11A

Titulo del Curso English 10 A Titulo del Curso English 11 A
Raasch, Aaron US History A AP US History A
Robison, Russ Steps 2 College NJROTC Aviation & Aerospace  NJROTC Tech
Schreiner, Chris Spanish I Spanish Native Speaker 2
Spencer, Dawna English Language Development English Language Development (Spanish) Desarrollo del Idioma Inglés
Struck, Kristy Ceramics I Graphics Design I  Intro to Art
Wiles, Heather World Cultures I AP Human Geography Government World Cultures II
Wilcox, Kersey Algebra 1

Algebra 2

AP-Statistics  AP-Estadisticas
Williams, Jacob Geometry Geometry Support


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