Response to Intervention (RTI)/Respuesta a la Intervención (RTI)


The Oregon Response to Intervention Project, an initiative sponsored by ODE since 2005, provides intensive training and support to 32 Oregon school districts.  Training is focused on multi-tiered instruction, systems requirements, teaming, data analysis, and using the RTI approach to identify learning disabilities.


Response to Intervention, or RTI, is the practice of:

(1) providing high-quality instruction/intervention matched to student needs;
(2) using learning rate over time and level of performance to;
(3) make  important educational decisions (NASDSE, 2005).

RTI methodology is conceptualized within a three-tiered model of prevention across all students in a school, general education and special education students.  If you could place all of the students in your school into a triangle, the three-tiered model of prevention will look like this: