Sara’s Guiding Principles 

1.      Students learning and development are at the center of
our system.
2.      An excellent district is built upon a culture of respect,
kindness, collaboration and accountability.
3.     Central office exists to serve the schools, district
and community.
4.     Serve with integrity and transparency – it is an honor
to be a public educator.
5.     Focus on a limited number of high impact initiatives.
6.     Our people are our most important resource.
7.     The quality of teaching in every classroom is the most
important factor that affects student learning and achievement.
8.     The quality of school leadership is second only to the
value of quality teaching.  Our principals, teachers and
staff are essential to student learning and development.
9.     Educational research helps us learn and deploy powerful practices; innovation leads to higher levels.
10.  We value professional learning and development.
Continuous improvement calls for continuous learning.
Dr. Sara E. Johnson, Superintendent