Welcome to the Office of Superintendent Dr. Sara E. Johnson


July 2, 2018

I count it a true privilege to have been selected as the new superintendent of Crook County School District.  I am a native of Eastern Oregon and I’m thrilled to return to the high desert and join the excellent people here in the work of educating our children and preparing them for their future goals, dreams and success.  I have been an educator for 26 years, and wholeheartedly value the significant impact of education.  Working together with parents, community and educators to provide the best education possible is my passion and life commitment.

Crook County School District offers excellent opportunities and I am honored to join the team as we continue the pursuit of providing enriching, engaging experiences in every school and classroom.   Children are born loving to learn.  It is my desire that schools support that love of learning and students desire to come to school.  Robust educational programs, community and parent involvement and ongoing professional development are foundational to excellent schools where children thrive.  In Crook County School District, I have found a community that embraces the children and schools.  There is much pride and such deep roots throughout the community.  It is a privilege to join you as Superintendent in the endeavor of providing wonderful
experiences for students at all levels.

As the new Superintendent, I’m on a mission to listen and learn in Crook County.  The next few weeks will be filled with actions to deliberately connect with stakeholders to learn about the good things going as well as the communities’ hopes and dreams for next steps.

My door is open.  I appreciate hearing your voice and input.  My desire is to serve with excellence – therefore input and feedback is key.

Dr. Sara E. Johnson, Superintendent
Crook County School District


Sara’s Guiding Principles

1. Students are at the center of our system.
2. An excellent district is built upon a culture of respect, kindness and collaboration.
3. Central Office exists to serve the schools, district and community.
4. Serve with integrity and transparency – it is an honor to be a public educator.
5. Focus on a limited number of high impact initiatives.
6. Our people are our most important resource.
7. The quality of teaching in every classroom is the most important factor that affects student learning and achievement.
8. Educational research helps us learn and deploy powerful practices; innovation leads to higher levels.
9. Continuous improvement calls for continuous learning. We value professional learning and                development.
10. Embrace accountability.

Key Entry Questions

1. What are the things going well in Crook County School District?
2. What are you most proud of about Crook County School District?
3. What traditions and values must we preserve as we move forward?
4. How would you describe the culture and climate of the school district?
5. What communication channels are most effective, and do you have suggestions of ways to develop and maintain two-way dialogue?
6. What are the issues you see that need to be addressed with urgency now?
7. What concerns you most and what thrills you most about the future of CCSD?
8. What advice do you have for me, as the new superintendent?


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