Technology FAQ’s

How do I submit a workorder?

Click on link to submit ticket:

For step by step instructions, click here.

How do I change my password?

Press ctl, alt and del keys at the same time, select the option “change password” type in old password, then new password, then re-enter new password. Click OK.

Can I access my files from home?

Yes submit a big web ticket to the technology department.

I am unable to connect to “you tube”

Log off (DO NOT RESTART) and log back on. Try to access You Tube again.

Can I bring in some software that I have at home and run it on a school computer?
Probably not, but the answer is based on what the copyright is on the software, if it is compatible with our systems, and if it is a requirement in support of the graded course of study in the district. First and foremost, software installed on district owned computers must be in alignment with the graded course of study for the district. We do not install or support software that is not. Next, the Crook County School District does not allow copyright violations and most software licensing is designed around the book concept – it can only be in use at one place at one time by one person. Installing your software in the district as well as at home would most likely violate that license agreement. If a piece of software is required by a staff member to support teaching activities, they need to make their need known to the technology department and the district will work to provide the required software assuming it is compatible with our systems.


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