Students are given numerous warnings from the driver before ANY referral is written. Examples may include one or more of the following: verbal warnings, an assigned seat up front, speaking with the student one on one and calling the parent. Failure to follow the school bus rules and regulations may result in the following consequences.

1st Student Referral: student will receive a warning

2nd Student Referral: will result in a 3 day bus suspension

3rd Student Referral: will result in a 5 day bus suspension

4th Student Referral: will result in a 10 day bus suspension

5th Student Referral: will result in bus suspension from all buses for the remainder of the school year from the date of the report

Students will receive immediate bus suspension from ALL buses for the following regardless of prior student referrals:

(Including, but not limited to)

• Physical harm (trying to intentionally hurt someone)

• FIGHTING of any kind

• Bringing ANY type of weapon or explosive device onto the bus

• Possessing alcohol, cigarettes or non- prescription drugs

• Sexual Harassment

• Other major violation or dangerous incident as deemed by the transportation supervisor.   The School Administrator/Transportation Supervisor may tailor consequences at any time to match or correspond to individual circumstances in each situation. The goal of assigning consequences is to bring about the desired student behavior on the school bus and the Transportation Department supports ANY consequence that achieves that goal.
*Chronic offenders WILL be subject to loss of riding privileges at ANY time

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