Kindergarten Jump Start 2020 – 2021


We are so excited to let you know that our Jump Start program is happening!

August 3rd – 6th and August 10th – 13th

Monday–Thursday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Lunch will be provided as well as a sack breakfast, that the students will take home for the next morning.

A few things your child needs to bring

  • Water Bottle with the child’s name on it. It will stay at school for the two weeks and then we will send it home on the last day. We will refill them or have the students refill them out of our water bottle filling stations.
  • A face covering or shield is required. We will have designated areas and times when students can have a “mask break”.
  • Backpack if they have one, if they don’t its ok.
  • A lunch if they are bringing one, if not we will provide one.

If you have not heard from transportation and your student is riding the bus you will be getting a phone call soon.


(Version en Español)

• Get to know teachers Kindergarten Jumpstart
• Learn Routines
• Kindergarten Curriculum
• Make friends
• Free breakfast and lunches
• Free transportation

If you have any questions please contact Sarah Shinkle at or or you can all (541) 416-4206.