E—Support Services

ID Title Adopted Date
EA/EAA Support Services Goals 4/18/94
EB Safety Program 02/14/11
EBA Buildings and Grounds Inspections
EBAA Reports of Hazards
EBAAA Mercury Elimination 04/12/04
EBAC Safety Committee
Safety Committee
Safety Committee Charter 03/14/11
EBB Integrated Pest Management 11/17/14
EBBA First Aid 10/20/14
EBBAB/GBEBAA/JHCCBA HIV Aids, Hepatitis B-blood borne Pathogens 04/18/94
Handling and Disposing of Contaminated Fluids 4/18/94
EBBB Accident Prevention & Safety Procedures & Accident Reports 11/18/13
EBC/EBCA Emergency Procedures and Disaster Plan 4/18/94
EBCB Emergency Drills 05/18/15
EBCD Emergency School Closures 06/15/15
EC Management of Building and Grounds 4/18/94
ECA Buildings and Ground Security 4/18/94
ECAA Access to Building 4/18/94
ECAB Vandalism-Malicious Mischief-Thefts 02/13/12
ECAC Video Surveillance 03/08/04
ECB Building and Grounds Maintenance 4/18/94
ECBA Energy Control Program (Lockout-Tagout) 4/18/94
ECD Traffic & Parking Controls 10/12/09
ECF Energy-Water Conservation 10/14/02
EDA Receiving & Warehousing 4/18/94
EDB Maintenance & Control of Materials 4/18/94
EDD Resource Conservation
EE/EEA Student Transportation Services 11/17/14
EEAB School Bus Scheduling & Routing 04/09/12
EEAC School Bus Safety Program 04/09/12
EEACA School Bus Driver Examination and Training 11/17/14
EEACC Student conduct on School buses 12/17/12
Discipline procedures for Student Transportation 04/09/12
EEACCA Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles 04/09/12
Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles 04/09/12
EEACD Use of School Activity Vehicles for Student Transportation 12/17/12
EEACE Transportation_Services_Bus Stops 04/09/12
EEAE Student Transportation in Private Vehicles
Proof of Auto Liability Insurance 05/19/14
EEB Use of District Transportation by Private Citizens or Groups 4/18/94
EEBA District Vehicles 4/18/94
EEBAA District Vehicles -Seat Belts-Child Safety System 04/09/12
EEBB Use of Private Vehicles for School Business 10/15/12
EEC Boarding Aid 03/14/16
EF Management of Food Services 4/18/94
EFA Local Wellness Program 08/14/17
Local Wellness Program 07/09/12
EFAA Child Nutrition Programs(s) 09/12/16
Reimbursable School Meals Programs 07/10/17
EFAE Child Nutrition |Hearing Procedure_Appeals Process 4/18/94
Child Nutrition|Hearing Procedure_Appeals Process 4/18/94
Child Nutrition|Non- Discrimination 05/19/14
EFAJ Child Nutrition | Meals Served Visiting Children 4/18/94
EFAK Children Nutrition| Non-Reimbursable 4/18/94
EFAL Child Nutrition|Second Meals 4/18/94
Procurement Nutrition Services 05/19/14
EFC Vending Machines and School Stores 7/9/07
EFD Food Preparation 4/18/94
EGA Office Communications Services FAX 4/18/94
EGAA Printing and Duplicating Services 4/18/94
EGACA Mobile Communication Devices
Mobile Communication Devices 11/17/14
EH Data Management 4/18/94
EHA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 5/10/04
EIA Insurance Programs 4/18/94








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