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Our Baton Pass Along each year has become a wonderful tradition of health, personal best and family connections.  Through the year, Mr. Yuma works to encourage the students to set goals in PE and encourages them at Run Club.  If you were to watch all his lessons one right after another on a video playback at high speed, you would see a consistent theme.  He cares about the health and physical well being of the kids.  By the time our Baton Pass comes along, students have grown considerably in their personal physical skills.  Baton Pass Along day is a great time to go for a school record or more laps than the student ran the year prior.  Lap after lap and grade level after grade level, songs play from the announcer’s booth for the kids and parents.  Shout-outs to our volunteers are heard all day long.  Students really enjoy the encouraging words as they turn up the effort for the final laps.  The Baton Pass Along is just one of the great things that happen at your school.

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