Visions Registration

iVisions Web Portal Registration Procedures



IF YOU ARE NOT CURRRENTLY REGISTERED: follow these easy steps:

  1. On the Staff page click on “iVisions”.
  2. Click on “Register” in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  3. Fill in the “Preferred User Information”.
  • Enter your User Name, it should be FirstName.LastName

      (Don’t forget to put in the dot “.” and no spaces between your first and last name)

  • Enter your First Name only
  • Enter your Last Name only
  • Enter your Display Name, it should be FirstName,LastName (match exactly to the user name above)

(Please use your District e-mail address, it should be

  • Enter your Password – a password of your choice.

(Write this password down as you will use it every time you get into iVisions!)

  • Click on “Register”.
  • View the following message:

An email with your verification code has been sent to your e-mail address:

  1. Please access your in-box and get the verification code, which is required to log-in first.
  2. Close the webpage.
  3. Return to your district e-mail box. You will immediately receive an e-mail with a link back to iVisions, including your user name, password and a verification code.
  4. Write down the verification code – you will need it for step 11.
  5. Click on the link in the e-mail to reopen the web page for iVisions
  6. Click on “Login” in the upper right hand corner (next to the “Register” button you used before.)
  7. Enter your User Name (see number 4 above…this should be your FirstName.LastName).
  8. Enter your password (see number 4 above…this should be the individual password you entered earlier).
  9. If you forgot your user name or password, refer to the e-mail you received from Visions.
  10. Click on “Login.” Enter the verification code from the e-mail to authenticate your account.
  11. This code is only needed for the registration process.
  12. Click on “Login”. Enter the information requested:
    1. Last 4 digits of your SS#.
    2. Home Zip code
    3. Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY).

The system will then require you to review your employment information and link your record. If the information is correct, Click on “Link” and your account will be active. If the system does not find a link, please contact Jan Martin at or 541-416-9963, or Tina Simmons at, or 541-447-5099.


Here are just some of the features you will have access to:


  • Employee Compensation and Earnings Reports
  • Attendance and Leave Balances
  • Tax Withholding Forms
  • Employee and Emergency Contact Information


Welcome to Crook County School District!

11/20/12 Human Resource Forms: DS