2012 Facilities Condition Assessment

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Project Overview

In February 2012, BLRB Architects conducted a walk-through assessment of CCSD facilities, accompanied by CCSD Facilities Director Deen Hylton, Maintenance II Gary King, Supervising Electrician Ed Jensen and Journeyman Electrician Darryl Varcoe. Roofing assessments were performed under a separate contract by Schaber Roof Consultants.


crook county middle schoolThese facilities were evaluated:

  • Cecil Sly Elementary School
  • Crooked River Elementary School
  • Ochoco Elementary School
  • Paulina Elementary School
  • Powell Butte Elementary School
  • Crook County Middle School
  • Crook County High School
  • Pioneer Alternative High School
  • Crook County Stadium
  • Maintenance Facility
  • Transportation/Food Warehouse
  • IT Facility

Facilities Assessment

Each facility was evaluated and assessed for the following components:

  • Exterior Building Condition
  • Interior Building condition
  • Mechanical Systems Condition
  • Safety/Building Code
  • Accessibility (Provisions for Handicapped)

Assessment Results

School Condition Year Built
High School Good 1996
Middle School Poor 1952
Crooked River Elem. Deficient 1934
Ochoco Elem. Deficient 1945
Cecil Sly Elem. Deficient 1960
Paulina Elem. Deficient 1948
Pioneer Alternative Poor 1940
Maintenance Facility Poor 1950
Stadium Fair 1980
IT Facility Deficient 1940
Transport/ Warehouse Fair 1975