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“We in Crook County are exceptionally lucky to have a student like Emma Shields attending one of our elementary schools.  Emma began Crooked River Elementary as a kindergartener and will be graduating from the 5th grade this year.  I am happy to announce that I have been given the opportunity to teach such a fine young lady. Emma shows drive, persistence, dedication and passion with every project she takes on.  This year I have witnessed a fifth grade student show what it takes to make sure they always put their heart into learning.  Emma strives to succeed.  She completes all of her work on time, learns from her teachers and truly uses the tools and steps she has been taught over the years to make sure she does her best on every piece of work she does.  Emma does not take short cuts and knows the true meaning of hard work.

Besides truly being one of the hardest working students that I know, Emma Shields is also one of kindest and most helpful individuals I have encountered throughout my time here at Crooked River.  She is the first to volunteer to help the teacher.  When she sees a peer struggling, she does everything she can to make that person feel better.  Emma is a model student and friend who, I am confident, will always choose to live her life following every good character virtue.  This year, Emma was also elected and accepted a placement on our school leadership team.  She takes her role very seriously and I am confident with her abilities to lead our student body.

As I mentioned above, Crook County is exceptionally lucky to have Emma as a student within our district.  I am proud of whom she is and what she has accomplished throughout elementary school, and I look forward to watching her grow into a young adult over the next several years.  Emma, you truly are an amazing person and student!”

Cheri Rasmussen, Principal, Crooked River Elementary



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