After 30 years, Diana Rice is retiring!

Since August of 1984 I’ve had a number of titles: Business Office Secretary, Cafeteria Clerk, Admin Secretary, and it finally became Business Office Specialist.

I think I have enjoyed my long tenure because the variety of duties.  In 1984 there were no computers in our office.  My tasks included typing and proofing the budget, typing invitations to bid and RFP’s with all the specifications and subsequent contracts, performing cafeteria duties of ordering food and submitting claims to Oregon Department of Education and all kinds of formal reporting – all without the benefit of a computer or the Internet (the lift-off tape was my word processor). In 1990 I got my first PC and learned word processing with Enable, then Word Perfect, and eventually Word. Pat Young, the business manager at the time, gave me my first Excel lesson – addressing labels (yes, on Excel). That opened the door to learning how to create spreadsheets, which made all my tasks much easier, and of course word processing was a gift!  My duties changed over the years as state requirements changed.  Since entering the budget in the first computer program, I have survived several conversions to new software, both for financial and food service applications.  I love working with the food service staff and marvel at how well they have adapted when their duties included working with computers.   I have had the pleasure of sharing 30 years with wonderful co-workers, who have been so supportive through both good and difficult times. They are not only my co-workers, but also my friends. I will miss working with everyone on a daily basis. I think it is sweet that as I close 30 years working with the District, I will be attending my 50-year class reunion, having been educated here since first grade at Ochoco (which is also retiring).

Retirement will definitely be an adjustment.  I have spent a lot of time in prayer about my decision, and I admit it’s a little scary because I rather like a familiar routine.  But I do look forward to doing the things I say I don’t have time to do now.  I need to become more active and enjoy the sunshine outside.  I am fascinated with using and learning about the benefits of essential oils and I want to pursue sharing this knowledge with others.  A few years ago, my husband and I started learning Biblical Hebrew, but for additional brain stimulation, I purchased a Rosetta Stone series to learn Spanish.  Wish me luck on that one! The first thing I’m going to do, though, is get a dog!  I haven’t decided what breed yet, but I am partial to beagles.  Let’s not forget that we have 13 grandchildren, so I think I’ll have plenty of time to do things with them this summer – we might paint the outhouse.  My not-yet-retired husband has two vegetable greenhouses, so I’m suspecting he’ll appreciate my help with the morning watering.

I think I’ll be okay!

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