Meet Wanda Schnabele, Paulina School

Story contributed by Jamie Bedortha. Wanda started working for the Crook County School District in 1988.  She began at Paulina School working as an educational assistant.  Since that time Paulina has been rewarded with an amazingly compassionate, caring and talented individual.  Over the years she has become the glue that holds us all together.  Her duties include services as librarian, taking care of technology issues, helping in the classroom and being a constant supporter of students, staff and families.  When talking to past students of Paulina you see their eyes light up with enthusiasm and hear of all the wonderful things they learned from her.

Outside of school Wanda is still surrounded by kids and families.  She is the secretary for the Central Oregon Pee Wee Rodeo Association and you can find her in the stands cheering on the many young lives she has touched.  She has two wonderful daughters and son-in-laws who have provided her with 5 grandchildren.  On weekends, if she isn’t watching her grandchildren rodeo, you can usually find her in Burns cheering them on in sports and giving them all the tender loving care you could ever want from a Grandma.  Wanda has a close relationship with her sisters and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible.  Her faith in the Lord has kept her strong through challenges.  Wanda is always able to make someone else smile and offer a warm loving hug.

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