Paulina Update – August 4, 2015

Asbestos has been removed from the main building which includes the classrooms, hallways, kitchen and gym.


image4 - Modular Moved

The modular has been moved and placed next to the main building to make room for the new gym. All parking will be moved to the street side of the building.

image1 - Copy

A temporary wall has been placed in old gym while construction of the new gym takes place on the other side of this wall.

image2 - Copy

Two windows have been cut for the new office. This will be the first office on the right as you enter the main entrance.

image3 - Copy

The walls for the new storage room in the old gym are being framed in. The boards on the floor in the forefront are where the walls to the new restroom will be. The door with louvers (left side of picture) will be the doorway to the new gym.

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